Installation instructions for Novell iPrint®


Novell iPrint® enables you to create Web documents that contain maps with printer icons. These maps show where you can find all the printers. When users click a printer icon, the driver for that printer is automatically installed on the client.

iPrint® uses the Novell Distributed Print Services®. You must do the following actions to be able to use your printer with iPrint®.

1.   Install the printer driver software on your server.

2.   Create an NDPS® printer.

3.   Set up the iPrint® service.

Before you begin

1.   Make sure that the printer is configured with the TCP/IP protocol suite.

2.   Define the printer in the Domain Name System (DNS).

3.   Ping the printer from the NetWare® server, by DNS name and IP address.

Install the printer driver software on your server

1.   Start the iManage® application.

2.   Double-click the NetWare Broker® object that matches your server.

3.   Go to the workgroup where the server is located.

4.   Click resource management (RMS®).

5.   Click 'Add resource' to add the driver software of your new printer to the server.

A window with resource types or operating systems appears.

6.   Select an operating system.

You now see the list of all available printer drivers for the selected operating system. This list is the 'Current Resources list.

7.   Select your printer driver. Click the 'Add' button.

Note:If the list does not contain the required driver, click 'Extract from file' to install the driver from a file. Browse to the location of the printer driver files. Select the files and click 'OK' to add the printer driver to the 'current resources' list.

Create a printer in NDPS®

1.   Start the iManage® application.

2.   Click 'Object' and then 'Create'. Click 'NDPS Printer'.

3.   Go to the Organizational Unit that will contain the printer.

4.   Go to the section 'Printer Agent Source'. Select 'Create a New Printer Agent'. Click 'Create'.

5.   The 'Create Printer Agent' dialogue box appears.

In this box you must do the following.

   Enter a name for your Printer Agent®

   Select an NDPS Manager®

   Select a gateway type for your printer.

6.   Click 'OK' .

Note:If you did not load your NDPS Manager® yet, a pop-up screen asks you to load the NDPS Manager®. Click 'OK' .
A screen for the gateway configuration of your printer appears.

7.   Select your printer description type in the list. Remember to select None.

8.   Click 'Next' .

A window appears that contains the available printer drivers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows 3.1.

9.   Select the printer driver for your new printer.

Attach a DNS name to your NDPS Manager®

1.   Select a DNS name for your NDPS Manager®, for example ''.

2.   Add this DNS name to the IP address of your NetWare® server on your DNS server.

For example, if your NDPS Manager® runs on a server with an IP address of, you must add a DNS entry for '' and attach this name to IP address

3.   Put the following command in your AUTOEXEC.NCF: 'ndpsm NDPS_Manager_01 /'

'NDPS_Manager_01' is the name of your NDPS Manager®. You can replace 'NDPS_Manager_01' with any name.

The command above starts up the NDPS Manager®. Because you attach a DNS name to your NDPS Manager®, you do not have to change your client setup if you move your manager to another server.

4.   Start your NDPS Manager® with the changed command.

Enable iPrint® support on your NDPS® printer

1.   Start the iManage® application.

2.   Double-click the printer for which your want to enable iPrint®.

3.   Click the 'IPP Client Support' Tab.

4.   Click the box next to 'Enable IPP access to this printer'.

5.   Click 'Apply' in the 'IPP URL(s) accepted' box.

The IPP URL must now appear in the 'IPP URL(s) accepted' box.

6.   Click 'OK' .

The IPPSRVR.NLM is loaded on your NetWare® server.

Install the iPrint® client software

1.   Start the browser on the client. Enter the following URL: '', where you must replace '' with the DNS name that you attached to your NDPS Manager®.

A pop-up message asks to install the iPrint® client software.

2.   Click 'OK' .

An Installshield Wizard installs the client software. There is no need to restart the client.

3.   Enter the URL: '' again.

This time the printer is displayed.

4.   Click 'Install' .


You can print to the installed printer from any Windows® application or your Web browser.