Scan files do not arrive at the destination server - Océ 3145, 3155, 3165, VarioPrint (VP) 2045, VP2055, VP2065
The scanned files are not shown on the scan server.
  • The settings for 'scan to file' is not set correctly.
  • A firewal disables the access to the DAC controller (Windows XP Service Pack 2)
Check network connection
Make sure that there is a network connection (If you can print to the Océ 31x5E and VP 2045/2055/2065, then the network connection is OK).
Check parameters setting
Use 'Print Logic' or 'Web SAS'
  • Login as "System Administrator"
  • Go to the "Server" option
  • Check the parameters: 'ip-address' / 'username' / 'password' and 'destination folder'.
Enable the firewall
Enable the FTP server to access the DAC
Go to 'Control panel'
Select 'Security center
Select Windows firewall
Select 'deactivate'

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