Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT Ink
The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT uses UV-curable inks including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Due to the UV curing technology, the ink dries immediately, but can take up to 24 hours to cure fully. In most cases, the printed material may be handled or cut directly after printing.
These inks have very little odor, but for optimal safety some ventilation is needed. The printer should operate in an area where a good standard of general ventilation is available at 5 to 10 air changes per hour. Mechanical ventilation must be added where the air changes are under 5 per hour. The minimum space/working room volume for the printer is 69 m3 or 2430 cubic feet.
note  Note:
Read the section on ink safety Safety Guidelines for Ink Materials before you handle the ink.
The printer is optimized for the specific UV-curable ink supplied by Océ Display Graphics Systems. The ink is supplied to the printer in 2 liter collapsible bags that are loaded into the printer by means of quick-change connectors that are bonded into the top corner. To install on the printer, the bags are inverted and the quick connect couplers are pushed into their corresponding female coupling. This opens up the flow path for the ink. The bags contain tags that identifies them to the printer when they are loaded. This allows the printer to ensure that the correct ink is loaded.
This method of ink delivery has several benefits over bottles or cartridges:
The self-collapsing bags make it easy to see how much ink remains in each bag without having to reference the user-interface.
  • Virtually all the ink is successfully extracted from the bag by the printer, reducing the otherwise costly waste of usable ink.
  • Ink changes are performed without mess or spills, keeping the environment around the printer clean.
  • Ink changes can be performed during printing - this prevents wasted prints and lost time.
Only qualified inks can be used. If a bag of ink with an invalid serial number, expired use-by date, incorrect color placement in the ink bay, or if an expired tag is connected to the printer, then the operator is alerted and an error message is displayed.
The ink delivery system provides the printheads with ink at the appropriate temperature and pressure. Each printhead has a corresponding ink reservoir on the carriage. Pumps supply ink to the reservoirs on demand. Float sensors in the reservoirs control the level of ink and initiate demand when required. Ink temperature control is achieved by pumping a coolant fluid through the ink reservoir block and printheads. An internal thermostat on each printhead and one on the reservoir block provides temperature feedback.
The condition of the printheads is maintained by periodic cleaning at the maintenance station on the gantry. During this procedure the operator suctions the printhead nozzle plates, removing ink and possible contaminates in the process (details of this procedure are available in the Maintenance sectionPrinthead Maintenance).
UV Flush
UV Flush is used as a cleaning agent for the printheads or to flush the ink lines of ink for a printer relocation or long-term storage.
Note Attention Caution
attention  Attention:
Do not install inks that are not certified by Océ Display Graphics Systems for use in this printer, as this may result in:
Poor quality prints, uncured ink in the finished prints (NOTE: This is a serious health and safety risk!), and permanent damage to the ink pumps, filters, ink lines or printheads.
Ink Bay With Bags
Ink Filters
The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT ink system is protected from contaminants in the ink by means of four ink filters. These are easily accessed and can be replaced by the end-user when they become blocked with debris. The expected average lifetime for a filter is approximately 6 months or 11 bags of ink (22 liters). However, some filters can last longer and some will require more frequent replacements due to the ink color (pigment) and varying rates of use.
note  Note:
A loss of pigment when printing a nozzle check indicates that a filter is clogged and must be replaced.
How to Store and Handle UV Ink
To ensure good quality images and to extend the life of printheads in the Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT printer, it is important to have good UV ink management procedures. UV inks must be properly handled and stored correctly.
  • Inks must be stored within a temperature range of 15º to 40ºC (59º to104ºF). Exposure to extreme temperatures will reduce the expected life of the ink.
  • Do not use ink that is past the expiry date displayed in the Ink System Status menu (click the ink icon in the Print Job Control module to view the ink menu).
  • Perform Printhead Maintenance every day before printing.
  • Swab the printheads with UV Flush at least once a week (and as needed) to dislodge any potential buildup of particles or ink.
Access to MSDS Ink Information
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for each color of ink and the UV Flush are available on the customer web site at: 2.8. The information on these sheets is more detailed than the material found in the section titled "Safety Guidelines for Ink Materials" in this document. Read and periodically review this safety information to ensure optimal safe handling procedures and proper emergency responses are followed when using UV inks and flush.
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