Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT Printer Specifications
The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT is a 4 color (CMYK, except the 350 GT, which has also a white ink option) UV flatbed inkjet printer capable of producing large format images on various rigid and flexible media. The printer consists of a large vacuum table and moving gantry. The material is held flat and stationary on the vacuum table during printing. The gantry contains a carriage that sweeps across the table as the gantry moves in steps along the length of the table to print an image on the media. In addition to the benefits of stationary positioning, the use of UV ink technology on rigid material eliminates finishing processes such as mounting and lamination.
Note Attention Caution
note  Note:
The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT must be operated in accordance with the environmental conditions specified in the Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT Site Preparation Guide and safety requirements noted in this document.
Arizona 250 GT Printer
Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT Specifications
The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT is part of a complete printing solution that includes: ONYX® workflow software (ONYX ProductionHouse™ recommended), optional Roll Media Option for flexible media printing, Océ inks and other consumables, Océ media and Océ Professional Services. The Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT specifications are listed below. See Chapter 6 for Roll Media Option specifications.
Printing Technology
Piezoelectric inkjet using Océ VariaDot™ technology:
The Arizona 350 GT has two variable dot printheads per color, 10 in total (with the white ink option);
The Arizona 250 GT has two variable dot printheads per color, 8 in total;
The Arizona 200 GT has one variable dot printheads per color, 4 in total.
True flatbed printer for rigid media with Roll Media Option for flexible media
Ink System
Océ IJC255 UV-curable inks available in Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Packaged in quick-change, 2 liter ink bags.
Maximum Media Size
2.5m (98.4") x 1.25m (49.2")
Media Thickness
Maximum: 48mm (1.890")
Maximum Print Size
2.51m (98.8") x 1.26m (49.6")
Media Weight
Maximum: 34 kg/sqm (7 lbs/sqft)
Nozzle Drop Volume:
Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 30 picolitres
The ability to vary the drop size to as little as 6 picolitres produces sharp images with smoother gradients and quartertones. The ability to jet larger droplets up to 30 picolitres produces dense, solid colors. The result is near-photographic image quality. Text as small as 6 pt. is perfectly legible.
Print Modes / speeds (flatbed only) for Océ Arizona 200 GT
Production: 9.34 sq.metres/hr. (101 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality: 6.43 sq.metres/hr. ) 69 sq.ft./hr.)
Fine Art: 4.82 sq.metres/hr. (52 sq.ft./hr.)
Print Modes / speeds (flatbed only) for Océ Arizona 250 GT
Production: 16.8 sq.metres/hr. (180 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality: 11.5 sq.metres/hr.) 124 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality-Matte: 8.3 sq. metres/hr. (89 sq. ft./hr.)
Quality-Density: 6.5 sq. metres/hr. (70 sq. ft./hr.)
Fine Art: 9.3 sq.metres/hr. (101 sq.ft./hr.)
Print Modes / speeds (flatbed only) for Océ Arizona 350 GT
Production: 22.2 sq.metres/hr. (239 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality: 15.2 sq.metres/hr.) 164 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality-Matte: 10.9sq. metres/hr. (117 sq. ft./hr.)
Quality-Density: 8.5 sq. metres/hr. (91 sq. ft./hr.)
Fine Art: 12.3 sq.metres/hr. (133 sq.ft./hr.)

White Ink Option
Quality 3 Layer: 5.1 sq.metres/hr.) 55 sq.ft./hr.)
Quality 2 Layer: 7.6 sq.metres/hr. ) 82 sq.ft./hr.)
User Interface
LCD flat-panel monitor and mouse on a user-positioned podium.
Curing System
UV curing lamp
473 kg. (1043 lbs.)
Table: 2.65m (8.7 ft.) 2.00m (6.5 ft.)
Gantry: 4.0m (13.4 ft.) x .45 m (x 1.5 ft.)
Power Requirements
(Rated Current: 16A)
208 through 240VAC ±10% 60Hz Single Phase
200 through 240VAC ±10% 50Hz Single Phase
Recommended Circuit Breaker:
North America 20A, European Union 16A.
BTU Output
10,000 BTU (2950 watts) under continuous operation.
Hardware Interface
USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, 100 base-T (or Gigabyte, if supported by the local network).
Image Processing Software
ONYX® ProductionHouse Océ Edition version 7 or greater (ONYX® PosterShop is available but not recommended). The drivers for the Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT is included in the ProductionHouse Océ edition, but is not in the PosterShop Océ edition.


Océ VariaDot™ Variable Droplet Imaging Technology
The Océ Océ Arizona 200/250/350 GT offers superior print quality and ink economy through the use of Océ VariaDot imaging technology, the next evolution in piezoelectric inkjet technology that enables a print head to produce droplets of varying volume. This differs from the current piezoelectric print head technology that is restricted to the use of fixed droplets. The use of variable sized droplets results in dots on the media of varying size (area) and density which in turn allows the use of four-color (CMYK) printing for all image features. Using Océ VariaDot imaging technology results in excellent print quality and a superior ink economy over 6-color printing systems.
Océ VariaDot imaging technology allows piezoelectric print heads to produce droplets of varying volume on demand. This allows the ONYX™ ProductionHouse software to specify the appropriate droplet size for each specific image feature. When imaging fine detail such as small type or fine lines, very small droplets can be used, when imaging areas of tonal transition or quarter-tone values such as skin tones drops of medium volume can be used and when printing areas of high density such as solid colors, large droplets can be used.
Océ VariaDot™ for Improved Image Quality
Océ VariaDot imaging technology can be compared to painting a room in your house. You use a large brush size for quick coverage over large areas and a much smaller, finer brush for detailed areas. Trying to paint a large wall with a tiny brush would result in many artefacts and trying to paint a fine fresco trim with a large brush would be very frustrating. In the same way, Océ VariaDot uses the appropriate size droplet for each specific image feature resulting in the best possible image quality in every part of the printed image.
Océ VariaDot™ for Reduced Ink Consumption
A significant benefit of Océ VariaDot imaging technology is that it allows the use of only four inks (CMYK) for all areas of the printed image. This is very significant to the user in terms of ink consumption per square meter because the current "de facto standard" in the industry is six-color piezoelectric printing. This older technology uses lighter versions of Cyan and Magenta inks, often referred to commercially as "Light Cyan" and "Light Magenta" to overcome the image quality problem previously associated with four-color (CMYK only) printing.
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