The Smart Inbox
Smart Inboxes are used for customized job management. You can get an overview of the Smart Inboxes when you open the 'Jobs' tab in the Océ Express WebTools.
Jobs in a Smart Inbox
You can use the Smart Inbox to manage your jobs. Define one or more Smart Inbox names that allow you to easily organize and access your jobs.
The following jobs are placed in a Smart Inbox.
  • Print jobs, sent via printer drivers, applications or Océ Publisher Express.
    In the printer driver, application or job submitter you can select the Smart Inbox you want to print to. When you use the Océ Windows® Printer Driver you can also enable or disable 'Direct print'. When 'Direct print' is enabled your print job will be sent to the print queue immediately. When 'Direct print' is disabled your print job is kept in the Smart Inbox and you must send the print job to the print queue manually.
  • Scan jobs, if the selected scan destination is set to 'Local to the Smart Inbox'.
    If you select a remote scan destination ('Configuration' - 'Scan destinations') it is possible that the scanned file cannot be delivered to this destination. In that case the scanned file will also be placed in the 'Scans' Smart Inbox.
  • Copy jobs
    If you want your copy jobs to appear in a Smart Inbox, you must enable the 'Preferences' - 'System settings' - 'Smart Inbox management' - 'Display a Smart Inbox with all jobs' setting. Your copy job is then displayed in the 'View all' Smart Inbox. The 'Preferences' - 'System settings' - 'Smart Inbox management' - 'Save printed jobs in a Smart Inbox' - setting determines if copy jobs that have been printed will be kept in the Smart Inbox for reprint or not.
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