Available settings for scan jobs
The Océ PlotWave 300 provides a lot of settings to manage all your different scan jobs. These settings are used for extended scan jobs. The following table gives an overview and a very short description of the available settings. You can find a detailed description of each setting in the Océ Express WebTools.
Settings group: 'Destination'
Settings group: 'File type'
Settings values

note  Note:
Depending on the color mode and file type you select the values for the compression mode and organization will change. For some file types, the compression and organization settings cannot be set in all situations. (see also 'File type')
'Defines whether a color, grayscale or black-and-white scan must be made. Not all combinations of 'Color mode' and 'File type' are valid. Changing 'Color mode' resets 'File type', 'Compression for TIFF' and 'Compression for PDF' to a default value.'
'File type'
'TIFF multipage'
'PDF/A multipage'
'The file type of the scanned image. The list of file types depends on scan to color, grayscale, or black-and-white: CALS is only available when scanning to black-and-white; JPEG is not available when scanning to black-and-white.'
'The file organization when scanning to TIFF.'
'Group 4'
'Group 3'
The compression type when scanning to TIFF or to PDF.
'JPEG quality'
'The image quality when scanning to PDF with JPEG compression. With a lower quality, the compression increases giving a smaller file size.'
Settings group: 'Resolution'
Settings group: 'Original'
Settings group: 'Erase margins'
Settings group: 'Light and mirror'
Settings group: 'Checkprint'
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